The Emerging Leader Scholarship

The Emerging Leaders Scholarship was designed to assist individuals from small, for-profit businesses who will actively participate in recruiting other program applicants from like businesses and organizations in future years. This scholarship aims to encourage individuals who fit the criteria to apply for Leadership Orange who would otherwise not apply.  This scholarship is not awarded based on need, but rather given to an individual who can address the issues of the next generation and have a lifelong dedication to prosperity and philanthropy in business and community endeavors. 

Burke, Miele & Golden Scholarship

The Burke, Miele & Golden Scholarship is offered to assist individuals from business, non-profit, municipal and other civic organizations whose skills have the potential to make important contributions for the good of our County. The scholarship is overseen by Richard B. Golden, a partner at the law firm of Burke, Miele & Golden, LLP.  Mr. Golden is a former County Attorney for Orange County and is a graduate of the first Leadership Orange Class -- 1994.   Candidates for the award should evidence current service to their community and exhibit an ambition to use the knowledge and skills offered by Leadership Orange to attain a significant positive impact in our County. This scholarship is awarded to an individual who has passion for the people and future of our region, and has a personal commitment to help improve the quality of life in Orange County.  

Leadership Orange Scholarship

The Leadership Orange Scholarship was designed to assist individuals from the non-profit sector who wish to participate in the Leadership Orange program.   Candidates must meet the criteria outlined on the Leadership Orange application. This is a need-based partial scholarship. 

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