Orientation: Class members meet for the first time and begin their leadership journey during this 1-1/2 day retreat.  Participants spend the first day getting to know each other, history of the County as well as an opportunity to explore diversity and various communication methods and techniques (meeting facilitation and crisis management). The following day will focus on defining effective leadership and identifying some essential elements for way in which it can be applied in any venue or industry.



Leadership: Leadership Orange is committed to developing civic leaders and strengthening the community by providing individuals with the knowledge, skills and ability to lead in myriad ways. The primary focus will be clarifying differences between a leader and a manager, and participants will determine their own leadership style through individual study and group activities. Teambuilding exercises will be included throughout the sessions. 



Project Selection and Team Building: Learn the tools for successful project management and development including building consensus, determining best ways to meet goals, time management, fundraising, project engagement, public relations, and volunteer motivation. At this session, the class will determine their community/fundraising project.



Planning and Infrastructure: Class discussion and the day’s presentations focus on Orange County’s natural resources, its infrastructure and the relationship between the two. Water and waste management, recycling, the State Environmental Quality Review Act, land use including land preservation and working landscapes are discussed.



Economic Development: Class members learn first-hand from local economic development professionals what it takes to attract or retain a company and the larger implications of this growth. The county’s overall economic development strengths and challenges are introduced. Participants meet with leaders in the local business community – entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate leaders and members of the arts and agricultural community – to learn more about the challenges and benefits of doing business in Orange County. The impact and implications of buying local is discussed and students will be challenged to make an impact in Orange County’s economic development arena.



Government & Politics: During this session, participants learn about the various forms of government in Orange County. Class members will become more familiar with the roles of local and county leaders, and will understand the relationships between different levels of government. Municipal home rule, consolidation of services, the role of various boards, budgeting, politics, and how to participate in the political process will be highlighted.



Justice System: Class Members get an inside look at the law enforcement, judicial, and correctional system in Orange County. Included are presentations and question and answer periods with law enforcement officials, judges, public defenders and prosecutors.



Education: Class participants are introduced to the educational system in Orange County through panel discussions. They are then given an opportunity to learn more about progressive programs and initiatives at the forefront of education around the state and the nation. Leaders in the Orange County educational arena facilitate stimulating, informative discussions during the Education session.



Joint Session with Leadership Dutchess

This is a BONUS session for the program and will feature a joint discussion with Leadership Dutchess.  Venue and program objective to be announced.



Health & Human Services: Roundtable discussions and presentations by Orange County’s top health and human services professionals highlight this powerful day of learning. Participants are exposed to a number of issues facing Orange County residents and healthcare professions, including funding constraints, Medicare issues and mental health concerns. Class members will participate in a poverty simulation.



Quality of Life: Class members learn about the cultural, historical and recreational opportunities in Orange County and how transportation plays a role in the utilization of these and other county assets. Participants will learn about the county’s cultural resources, the role these resources play in the county’s economic health and the way in which they contribute to the concept of creative place-making. The session will provide an opportunity to summarize lessons learned throughout the program and a discussion of how the Leadership Orange program has prepared them to be a better leader.



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